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    Sorry for joining in the 'why won't certain programs work' party, I know it's irritating... but I've searched high and low on and off for months since all the programmes developed that irritating subscript/update/what-have-you bug that won't let you load roms, and I can't find a copy of Advance Trainer with a useable/editable ini (or rather any ini at all) anywhere.

    Literally anywhere. I only want to use these tools for minor editing of roms for personal enjoyment, I can't make head nor tail of XSE or script editing or really want to learn to, I just want a version of this tool I used to use extensively for fun to work as it once did, can anyone please, please direct me to a link for A-Trainer which has the ini file to correct/change? Endless google searches and even using the search function of this site have proved fruitless.

    I also have that 0hrx Pokemon Game Editor but that doesn't have any suitable ini's for it either. I'm at my wit's end here.
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