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    Originally Posted by icecool86 View Post
    Just throwing it out there even though i know you already have a beggining but what about instead of starting with the final evolved dragons, you can say the main bad guy of the game did something that made the starters turn back to the baby forms and they were taken away by some bad guy just so we can see that our dragons are progressing in the game and looking forward to seeing them evolve. For example, like in the beginning you can do something like the main guy wakes up and forgets which dragon he had. Then the person playing the game picks there starter, then he automatically remembers. Then during the first 5-10mins of the game u have the main character and the other 2 dragon keepers get there dragons back. but i dont know i just wanted to throw it out there
    Great idea! I also had something like that in mind but I was just going to say the player's dragon had a baby with another dragon and the player decided to take that one along lol. But I'll be sticking to the fully evolve forms. You'll still be able to catch some baby Pokemon at the very beginning of the game at lv5 in a place called Tabula Rasa. You'll have a lot of variety to choose from and you can see them progress. Some choices are Magby, Elekid, Bonsly, Mime Jr, etc. You'll still get that "new trainer" feel but also a sequel feel with your Dragon and despite the big difference in power, the game'll still be challenging and balanced. Don't worry, I won't go overboard this time lol. But some of the bosses at the early stages will have 1 or 2 Pokemon that are tougher than what your baby Pokemon can handle. Which is where your Dragon come in. You'll see. ^.^