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It really depends on the circumstances surrounding the game. In my opinion, as of now Gen I is overrated. At the time when it was the biggest thing, it was awesome, but now that the older fans are into the nostalgic factor of the original Pokemon, it makes me dislike it a bit. I honestly find it hard to get through the Gen I games because they are so boring now. That was not the case, of course, when I was 6 years old playing Yellow Version (which imo is the best of Gen I).

So yeah, I feel Gen I is a bit overrated albeit still very good. I think Gen V is way underrated though, because the wholer efreshing set of Pokemon makes it one of the most imaginative games of the whole series.

In terms of favorite gens, mine goes:
Gen II> Gen III> Gen V> Gen IV = Gen I
(GSC is amazing, RSE is beautiful, I love Unova, Diamond & Pearl sucked but Platinum & HGSS saved their butts, Gen I is boring now, but Yellow is often a fun experience)

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