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    Charlie, the Angel

    Charlie was following Olivia and Tac whilst staring up at the sky and trying to remember sign language. It was going relatively well considering how long until he had last used it. It was then that he was tapped on the shoulder. Wait a minute. What‽ Charlie froze. How was this possible‽
    Charlie hadn't had any physical contact with anything in a very long time. But the fact that he was stood out in Seattle and had been tapped on the shoulder was what worried him more. Humans couldn't touch him. As far as he knew. And he knew pretty far at that! So what was this that had touched him? Charlie turned around slowly. What he saw was an angel. His jaw dropped. An angel? What were the chances of that happening? Charlie realised that his mouth was open and shut it quick. She had a very slim physique and a soft-looking skin with beautiful long blue hair. Charlie blushed. He hadn't spoken to anyone but himself in a very long time. He wasn't even sure if he knew how to have a conversation! Wait, what was he saying? He had been following around a human for the past few years! Of course he knew conversation!

    "H- hello there..." Wow. Great. What a first impression. His voice wasn't working properly after not talking for so long so he had had to cough before hand. Charlie hadn't ever been the super social type, but after so long of not talking to anyone it had made him want to talk to someone, anyone in a long time. But now the time had come, Charlie had no idea how to respond. He just stood there looking at his feet in embarrassment.
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