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    Daniel took a seat on the farest corner. As shy as he was, it was good to have a good perspective over the class.

    Draca slided and sat quietly under the table. She was very nervous. Did she had to battle? What if she had to battle someone much stronger? What if she messed up? She had only battled in training, and never battled anything that could retaliate. But they were here to learn. And failing was part of life. She would learn from her mistakes... But what if she got hurt badly? She was very shy...
    Daniel took a pen and a notebook to take some notes. From the tales he had heard when he was a child, battling was all about three things:
    1- Effectiveness
    2- Strategy
    3- Your bond with your pokémon
    Daniel thought the last one was very important. For example, a pokémon that hates its trainer will have a more powerful Frustation, but a pokémon that loves its trainer would battle better. Daniel woke up from his thoughts. He payed attention to his nervous pokémon while the teacher didn't start the class. Draca was now curled up in Daniel's lap. Daniel petted her. He knew his Dratini was very nervous, and if Fira was there Draca would be totally temerary.

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