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    Name: Damien Reeves

    Nickname: none

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Decently pale skinned with a slim stature. Dark brown almost considered black eyes. Tinted dark white, medium length scraggily hair (bedhead). Always wearing a black hood covering most facial features. With a darkred sack thrown around his right shoulder.

    Personality: A decently depressed person to say the least. Not very talkative. Doesn't get along with others well. Could be considered shy, or just hasn't found a similar person to get along with. Always preferred to travel by himself for him being a wanderer.

    History: Was born in the Sinnoh before the crisis began. After it began both him and his brother were abandoned by their parents just considering dead weight to them. Leaving him to fend for his younger brother he was unable to as adults murdered him while he just ran allowing them to rip his eight year old brother to shreds. This in all ending by putting Damien into a great depression knowing he was too weak to protect his brother. Months later he finds out he is one of the gifted who can still bond with Pokemon without the Pokeball. He soon finds a powerful Pokemon to make sure he doesn't fail twice at protecting his loved ones.

    Class: None he is a wanderer.

    Pokemon: Hydreigon

    Nickname: Hydra

    Personality: Seems to consider himself almost as a god. Thinks he can compete against almost any other Pokemon including legendaries. A very hardy style attitude. Never backs down to a fight no matter what the opponent brings to the table.

    Moves: Dragon Pulse, Flamerthrower, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Tri Attack

    Other: before the crisis began Hydra belonged to the Pokemon champ Iris.
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