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It was Kirby back when there used to be a clear pattern of every other game being a side game. The platformers are predictable, and unfortunately haven't been too creative level design wise for a long time. Epic Yarn and Mass Attack at least have a gimmick to them, but like, Touch!Kirby and Air Ride were the last really different side titles, and I'd take another Dream Course over generic Super Star/Adventure clone #8.

And this is coming from a one time hard core Kirby fan, too.

That or just just bring back Kine, Coo and Rick as playable. Something. I feel like even 64 tried something different. I haven't been a fan of Kirby's portrayal since the anime, either. Less cartoony, more... stupid. Ugh. What a waste.

I don't have any attachment to Nintendo franchises otherwise. The only series I hold in high regard these days is MOTHER (and I'm not even an RPG fan). If I'm looking at Nintendo games that don't follow any kind of continuity or narrative, though, then it's WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven for me.

I'll still buy Kirby games, though, and await each new release like all the Pokemon fans here do with the Pokemon games. Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised, but I still wish they'd tone down the platformers and not have Kirby be a blithering idiot. Holy crap.

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