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My bedroom is really messy. My parents separated and moved out of the (big!) house that I pretty much grew up in for the last ten years so over the holidays I had to pretty much take all the stuff I wanted to keep to my place at school and I haven't really found a place for it because my living space is much smaller here. So I've got piles of stuff all over my floor and I just haven't found the time/drive to deal with it yet. But my mess is mostly contained to my bedroom/basement area. No food or anything--I'm not gross, I'm just not very good at containing my clutter, especially when I have more stuff than room to put it. XD;

My roommates aren't the tidiest people ever so we often let things get really cluttered but eventually one of us will get tired of it (or we'll have guests over) so we'll spend an afternoon just cleaning up and tidying. We do that maybe once a month so it's never so cluttered that it's disgusting to live in or anything. :P

I do find my room kind of stifling when it's this cluttered, though. I really need to deal with it soon so I have space to actually walk around.

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