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SCYKE ICK - Route 104

Scyke walked through the surprisingly empty beach of Route 104, looking over the glistening sea with Zap on his shoulder like usual. He figured that mostly everyone had went over to Rustboro to help rebuild the buildings, especially the Pokemon Centre. The cause of all the destruction was yet unknown, and so also was the location of the local gym leader, Roxane; well, according to the PokeGear news report anyway. Scyke scratched his head in uneasiness. Should he go help in Rustboro? He had no business there, and putting himself at risk from falling and fallen debris. But they wouldn't mind some extra hands, right?

"Uuuurgh I don't know Zap, what do you think?" The yellow mouse just replied with his usual cry, but he was also aware of the ruckus in Rustboro; it wasn't a stupid Pokemon. "I wonder if this was doing of a Pokemon... then again, what Pokemon would be able to do that kind of destruction?" Scyke rested both of his palms on the back of his head and continued to ponder, "Then was it actually someone, a human? Who would be evil enough and even resourceful enough to break a city?" Still walking, Scyke noticed a pebble on the floor and instinctively kicked it to a random direction. Scyke was decent at football (OOC: Soccer to y'all in US) and was nearly captain of the team in the local school; if it wasn't for his interest in Pokemon, he probably would of moved to some city called Nimbasa in Unova and joined a team to play in the Big Stadium. While he was dreaming however, he hadn't really noticed where the pebble had landed.

It had struck right in the face of a Tailow.

"Taiwooak!" The little stone bounced off the blue bird and recoiled near to Scyke. Scyke noticed that the pebble he kicked had somehow came back to him, like a boomerang. Picking the rock up, Scyke noticed a few cries of a Pokemon around him. He looked up. The Tailow which he had hit was quacking at him like mad.

"Man, that is one pissed off Pokemon," Scyke said, "but it's a Flying-type, so an Electric-attack should be invincible here, right Zap?" Noticing that was the cue for him to make a move, Zap jumped out of Scyke's shoulder and landed softly on the sand, sparks flying off his little red cheeks. Before Scyke could call out a command however the Tailow's number started doubling every few seconds; in about a minute, it wasn't one pissed off Tailow - it was twenty pissed off Tailows. And they looked ready to charge in anytime.

"Well sh*te, come back Zap!" A laser of red recalled Pikachu back to his Pokeball and Scyke took off with a head start towards an unknown direction, the pissed off Tailows close behind.

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