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Welcome to
Pokémon: Weavile's Revenge

Hi all, Blazing Inferno here with my third project.
Third times the charm!
So this game comes from my childhood essentially. Its first production stage started a few years ago (roughly in 2009 I think), as a more of a way of filling in time and also learning how to use RMXP. It's development from starting it till about 6 months ago, not a lot of progress had been made on it. As I wasn't very experienced in using RMXP.
So it now has become my 'focus' game as I have a stronger connection with this one than any others I have started.

It is all about a small town called Ponario and the Pokemon that live within it. Before the town was made, the group of Pokemon, lead by a Pikachu and Raichu, were out looking for a place to settle down for them and the rest of their friends. While they were searching, they came across a wounded Ponyta. Coming to her rescue the Swampert, the friends doctor, healed her to the best he could under the conditions. Then she awoke and notices that 'he' is coming back. 'He' turns out to be Weavile, who is the worst of the worst and he has brought his two top minions with him; Drapion and Vigoroth.
After they dispatch of Pikachu and the gang, they focus on Ponyta. Then out of nowhere Lucario appears and puts an end to Weavile's attack, sending him and his minions away with Weavile swearing his revenge.

Town History:
This section just provides a short overview of what other Pokemon lived in Ponario. Without it could later on confuse people. It is in a very rough state at the moment as I needed to add it along with update v0.3.
Before they had left, there where a few other Pokémon that lived in Ponario. They include:
Shiftry - Left to wonder the land and explore (roughly to years before the start of the game)
Electivire - With help from Metagross, constructed the Power Plant and now resides there to watch over it
Golem - Has gone to the North-western city (to be named later)
Slowbro - Left to reside at Resort town, and now owns it
Poliwhirl - Left with Slowbro
Umbreon - Travels the land constantly
Flareon - Lives at the Volcano city
Vaporeon - (rewriting where she actually is. Toss up between Resort town and the ice city (again to be named later))
Leafeon - Resides in the forest
Glaceon - Resides at the ice city

The story is based upon the event that happened in the past, Weavile's attack and therefore his revenge. From the beginning, it all starts but telling you the story of the Legendary Guardians, who roam their lands to protect and watch over every Pokemon that is within. You are then told the basic story of how Ponario came to be. Awaking from sleep, you are awoken by your mother, Sceptile and told to get moving, or you will miss you last day of school. And so it begins...

So you start off as Grovyle, but as the story progresses, you will find yourself to be many of the town's unique Pokemon.

As far as the storyline goes, the first part is the 'pre-main' storyline, that's what I am calling it, then it will have a while where you can explore the 'region' doing quests, small storyish parts and then the biggest part I have so far, the main story. I am not going to say much, as it will give away too much of what yet is to come. But I will say this:

"The story evolves into an epic saga of revenge, survival, discovery, love and mystery."

Pre-main storyline is complete
Middle storylines/quests: None yet, more or less just thought of it
Main storyline: Estimated guess, probably just over half-way

Outside: 30% estimated
Inside (houses/caves/etc.): 20% estimated

Pre-main: 39%
Middle storylines/quests: 0%
Main: 0%

Character Sheets:
Ponario: has all made - 100%
Have about another 20 or so

I mainly make these as I need them

(larger than normal screens)

- Interactive Battle System
Attack - which goes to physical and special attacks (not really new): each attack options has four options, so 8 attacks in total

Evade - has two options
1. Evade: evades attack then goes to attack options
2. Defend: defend against opponent's attack, lowering attack damage by half, then also goes back to attacks

Counter - has two options
1. Counter with attack - counter opponent's attack with your own attack. Option of physical or special (using wrong type will have consequences)
2. Evade and then attack - attack damage is 1.5x damage (kind of like a critical hit)

Move (maybe taken out due to unsure how to implement at the moment)- move to a better location for either an advantage or to take cover, behind a rock (use surrounding area)

These options are available for both the player and enemy Pokémon
**I would like to point out that this system is not perfect yet and you might experience a few 'bugs'. They centre around the HP bars and numbers.**
**They don't effect anything other than the battle itself, but it is still playable.**

Save file (Current event):

Game with mouse control:
This version of the game is excatly the same as the original, but has the ability to move the character with the mouse as well as the keys.
NOTE: Forgot to put in instructions.
Left mouse - move character/talk/interact (same as c key)
Right mouse - access menu and cancel (same as x key).

**Save files should still work, as well as the one above. If not, please let me know**

Limited music throughout the demo.

Bugs/faults I know of:
When you are Charmander, there is one point where you come out of a hole/ladder and he doesn't walk all the way across (during pre-forest event). It is still playable and I have no idea why this happens.

All comments and criticism is welcome.

Nintendo and Gamefreak - Pokemon
Enterbrain - RPG Maker XP

(Wouldn't even be here without these guys!)

Pokémon tilesets by:
redblueyellow - most that have been used
Catcatcat - Aron, Aggron

Character Movesets by:

Custom Movesets by:
Me - These include all running and flying movesets, all poses but (usually) one for each direction, so 4/16 for each one that has these. So:
Flying - Charizard, Swellow
Running - Pikachu, Lucario, Arcanine and more.
NOTE: These are not for public use.

– Neo-Spriteman
– Kyledove
– Blackkitteh
– Soul.//Silver
– Tactic
– Me - Recolors, adding/morphing tileset pieces and my own custom tiles (none shown yet)

- Toastypt

ForeverZer0 - Pathfinding
KK20 - Quest System
Ryethe, Leon_Westbrooke - Change Map Tileset
Wecoc - Replace Tile AddOn
Ccoa - Universal Message System (if anyone knows how I can contact him, please let me know)
Lambchop (Amaranth), Near Fantastica, SephirothSpawn, Shaz - Super Simple Mouse System

Only me at the moment

Support bars:
by joeyhugg
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