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    Originally Posted by Mattysoxfan View Post
    Never really liked glaceon. But lucario is one of my favorites.

    The ones I'd like to know about mostly are trading evolution Pokemon. Which would be the following:


    I don't know about the 5th generation Pokemon. Caught a scraggy so I assume there is something in it like gigalith.

    This will determine my team if I know if these trade evolution Pokemon are in the hack.
    Sadly,there're only Electivire, Magmortar, Steelix and Scizor avaliable in this hack,you'll be able to evolve Electabuzz at Lv50,Magmar will evolve at Lv48, to evolve Steelix and Scizor, you will need to level them up with happiness value at 220.

    Originally Posted by chriscrwn70 View Post
    yeah im lost i have every legend but reshiram and mew and i have been to the jade volcano like 10x and still no reshiram. I keep seeing posts about updated versions but i have no clue where to find these, can someone help me?
    I don't know why, I've tested through it over and over again, but I didn''t find anything wrong, I don't know why, or maybe the only way to solve this will just be restarting...Sorry.

    Originally Posted by CrowClaw View Post
    How do i get to the 8th gym? ive gone to Mt. skyfall but 2 grunts wont let me pass and i dont know where the hideout is
    It's in the Store Room of Bronze Port.

    Originally Posted by ajb1990 View Post
    Was a good game but when I beat the elite four the game reset on me and I lost my saved file
    Simply adjust the saving settings from 64KB into 128KB.

    Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
    The is no sword in the mistery cave near redwood city, just an empty cave

    and I have cought reshiram twice

    And another doubt, is super rod in the game, cant find it only have good rod
    The sword can only befound after you won in Central Area and Challenge Bridge, and also, it's not in Mystery Cave, also, you can get a Good Rod from a fisherman near the entrance of Rumors Forest which on the Shappine Path.

    Originally Posted by 搞五搞六 View Post
    Something wrong with the image of the heroine riding on the bike, the version is 2.27
    Hmm, could you please tell me more about this?

    Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
    If somoen who already clearde the game could help it would be nice, where do you get:
    -That sword you need to get to the upper floor on that giant house in the island.

    To find Shaymin, you must get a key for the locked room in S.S Bluesea, and then unlock the door, get into it and then finish the event there, after that, go to Flora Island to find a cave for the next event. To meet Arceus, you need to find Azure Flute first, then try to find Azure Hall for the event of Arceus.As for Eliza, it's not a legendary Pokemon, and to make it help you in battle, you need to find the ancient sword and give the ancient sword to it, the sword can only be found in a sepcial and hidden cave after you won in Central Area and Challenge Bridge, as for the Cresselia event, you need to get a Lunar Wing by sleeping in NIGHT's house, then take the Lunar Wing to an actual area near the town where you found NIGHT's house, and then the event will be avaliable there, also, Giratina can be found in the secret cave in Crystal Villa after the event of Orange Villa.

    Originally Posted by l0l20r2 View Post
    Forced to teach a useless move like Cut on Gible? That is ridiculously frustrating... why?
    Edit: Its a nice hack. The story line is pretty good, but its not for me. When Gen 4/5 pokemon are used in these hacks i prefer that everything is accurate to how they are in those generations. Gible doesnt learn dragon rage at 7, doesnt evolve at 24. The fact that it takes so long for you to be able to catch pokemon is a annoying as well. The pokemarts are too far away, as are the healing points. You cant buy pokeballs for a long time. Just a few things I found frustrating in the game.

    I think you tried to do too much at once and it got complicated. I know making a hack is not easy and it requires a lot of work. Maybe try to keep it a little bit simple. Dont try to add too much at once. Have a core story and set of maps with reasonable healing points and access to pokeballs early and I think it will be a much more enjoyable game.

    Im not trying to be mean, sorry if it seems that way, im just giving my opinion and advice. Thank you for actually taking the time to make the hack.

    Sorry, and I'll try harder to overcome this in my another hack, sorry again for this.

    Originally Posted by magikarp1234 View Post
    I cleared 8+6 gyms 3 leagues 3 dogs 2 black and white legendary pokes mew mewtwo shamin genesect latios darkrai celebi volcarona victini keldeo

    >> How can I get deoxy?
    >> What does Azure room do?
    >> How can I activate curse (red) book event?
    >> How can I active stardust fountain event?
    >> what should I do now?
    To find Deoxys, you need to finish a event in the depth of Holy Karst Cave, then go somewhere else to find it, and I think you must mean "Azure Hall", right? If so, then I can tell you that Arceus event will happen there after you get the Azure Flute, and the cursed book event will not avaliable in this hack, it'll be avaliable in my another hack, sorry.And I don't know what event you mean about Stardust Fountain, so I can't answer this question. By the way, I think you can try to finish the small event about Expert S, and you can get a Rotom in this event.

    Originally Posted by R94PT View Post
    Deoxis: go to karst cave and get meteorites then he will apear on a cave near redwood, tell how to get shaymin
    Try to find Deoxys somewhere else, it can be found in a very small cave now. And to get Shaymin,you must get a key for the locked room in S.S Bluesea, and then unlock the door, get into it and then finish the event there, after that, go to Flora Island to find a cave for the next event.
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