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Valorie Ryder - Practical Battling
Valorie turned her gaze on daniel, a thoughtful expression dominating her face. She stared at the other for a moment or two before returning her attention to Mr. Alta. "Thanks..!~" she replied ever so briefly before hurrying along to one of the available seats. Something about her seemed slightly tired, as if she hadn't quite woken up yet--Or perhaps she hadn't even slept at all. Regardless of the cause, she had a slightly out-of-touch expression on her face suggesting she wasn't 100% there. In truth, she was beginning to distract herself with dreams of love, and of Selene and the implications of last night. The implications of their interaction and all the qualms that filled her as her tired brain attempted to reason out whether the interaction had been good or bad dominated her thoughts above all else. She had plenty on her mind to say the last, so much so that if someone were to attempt to get her attention verbally she might not even notice, assuming they didn't use her name.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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