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    Originally Posted by Jimmeh36 View Post
    Great tool, I also think unevolved wild pokemon (or only evolved if they've reached their evolution level) and an option to apply the physical/ special split would be fantastic.
    I would also approve of unevolved-until-evo level Wild Pokemon, as well as possibly no wild Stone/Happiness evolution Pokes that have already evolved until later. Maybe even something like the "replace Pokemon with same power Pokemon' rule for Wild Pokemon instead of trainers.

    The Physical/Special split is really hard to apply though. People bumbled about working for one for Gen III for a while and I think they made one, but it was rather buggy in my experience; Gen II also had a recent Crystal hack(search for Crystal Complete, skeetendo) with the split but honestly I would suggest just using that one as a base if you want to play Crystal with the P/S split, sorry about the lack of G/S. I'm pretty sure a P/S hack for RBY is basically impossible, lol, but who knows?
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