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    Hey Everyone! Here’s a look at the Title Screen for Dark Rising 2:

    (Tajaros Made It!)

    Next, here’s a better look at the screenshots that are featured on the Box of Dark Rising 2:

    Now, here’s a look at the new textbox installed by Pinkish Purple:

    Up next is New Music created by the team’s musical genius, Jillsandwich93:
    Wild Battle Theme:

    Here’s some new screenshots of an event:

    And last, it’s time to reveal the winner of the special character request:

    (Why he was chosen: Sora is much more believable to have come into the Pokemon universe than anyone else who was requested due to his constant travels of other universes such as Disney Stories & Final Fantasy worlds. He’s very popular and just has that “I can blend into this world” kind of style about him judging by his overall characteristics such as his attitude and appearance. Also, in some worlds that he travels too, his attire changes. It was hard to pass up the idea of giving Sora a more “Pokemon Trainer” outfit & giving his keyblade a Pokeball symbol somewhere on it. And No…Goofy or Donald Will NOT be in the hack…Just…No.)

    The official trainer sprite for Sora will be posted sometime this week or next week. I Hope you all enjoyed the update! Progress will begin to pick up much quicker once me and the team finally find a dedicated secondary scripter. There were plenty of more things I wanted to share in the update, however some of it just wasn’t completed and we couldn’t get around to doing it. But I will be posting updates much more starting soon. And thank you everyone for your special character submissions. I really liked all of them and it was cool how some of you thought of some great ideas to see in the hack. I really appreciate it. Don't worry, I won't let you guys down with this! ^.^