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    Luxanna's Log #9 & a ½

    Soon, after the young girl left Lux, the ground started to shake. Then, soon after, the ground erupted from underneath. And just before Lux's eyes, there was a familiar pokemon that was coated with silver, and seemed to be made out of a metallic compound. It was definitely a Registeel, right.

    "Oh wooooow, no way!" said Lux in an awe. "An honest to goodness Registeel! Oh, my, gastrodon; I've read you in picture books!! This is soooooo awesome!"

    However, the Registeel wasn't as impressed in Lux. It looked irritated; it started to approach Lux as it swung it's black, metallic arms around. "Ahhh, so you wanna play!" Lux realized, as she got out a pokeball. "Alrightie! I'm gonna catch ya, and name you, Class-53XLU-Itemfinder! But be sure not to scare Pidgey, okay? He gets scared alot. Anyway! Let see if this works!" She then threw the pokebal as hard as she could. "Pokebaaaaall, let's go!"


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