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Well here's my second character:

Name: Victor Samuels.

Nickname: -nil-

Gender: Male.

Age: 15

Species: Electabuzz.

Team: The Arcane Alliance.

Title :<Treasurer> Victor Samuels.


Victor is a bit larger than a normal Electabuzz. However he is very skinny. He also has skin which is slightly lighter than a normal Electabuzz and wears a purple bandana with white spots around his neck.


Victor is a spoilt brat. He is used to getting whatever he wants and goes berserk if somebody does not give it to him. He has an extremely short temper and will blast pokemon with Thunders if they annoy him. Victor has a lot of special attack and is a battler who has tremendous potential. However he is very cunning in battles and will not hesitate to resort to cunning if the foe takes the upper hand. He loves battling and hopes to be a great battler some day. Victor however likes recuing pokemon and helping them although he does not like to admit it. Victor is deeply loyal to few he calls friends and would never leave them in times of trouble. Victor also loves finding treasures and will pounce on almost anything that glitters.


Victor was born to a rich couple- an Electivire as his mother and a Sawk as a father who had a booming business. His parents manufactured and produced a variety of gummis. Victor could thus buy whatever he wanted and grew used to ordering his parents around. He became spoilt and started becoming bossy. He was ridiculously skinny for an Electabuzz despite his size. However, Victor had a great mind and so could use special attacks right from a very young age as an Elekid.

When Victor started going to school his teachers found him to be an excellent student but an extremely talkative kid. Although he completed his projects and everything on time he kept on talking to other kids in his class. His teachers stressed on him but he never improved. Besides he started shocking people in school if they irritated him. His father talked to him and after hearing about his dream of being a great pokemon battler he decided to send Victor to a rescue team. He talked to the leaders of the Arcane Alliance and was able to persuade them to allow Victor as an Elekid at the age of 13 to join the Arcane Alliance.

Victor was not taken seriously by the older members of the Arcane Alliance and was teased by them. He was only given petty jobs such as keeping watch or getting berries. At about the age of 14 while he was keeping watch a Kadabra started teasing him. Victor went berserk and almost broke the doors of the room with a powerful Thunder. He started evolving and became a big Electabuzz. Although he was almost kicked out of the Arcane Alliance for badly injuring that Kadabra and almost destroying the room he was started to be respected by the other members of the Arcane Alliance. He started going on treasure hunts anddiscovered his love for treasure. He was finally living the life he had dreamed about!

Level: 35.


1) Thunder
2) Focus Blast
3) Hidden Power (Fire)
4) Psychic
5) Double Team
6) Thunder Wave.
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