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    Roxas Jaden Asakura
    Team Rocket member

    Roxas was thinking about a way to confront Alice and totally forgot to get breakfast. Well… after Obilivio's speech this morning he didn't feel like eating anyway. He didn't notice he was staring at his hands at all and remembered the moment of the kiss. "What a big mess…" he mumbled to himself and rubbed in his face. It seemed like Alice was all he could think about right now. And what made it worse was that he actually admitted that he liked her when Obilivio was acting stupid.

    Roxas thoughts got interupted by a boy suddenly sitting next to him with the words "Mind if I sit here?". Roxas looked up and was suprised at first. He wasn't used to people suddenly talking to him but he didn't dislike it. "Ofcourse not! Sit down if you please." Roxas smiled and was rather enthusiastic. Finally he could make some new friends on this Academy where he already had a lot of memories. But… then Alice jumped back into his mind and the fact that he was a member of Team Rocket. So many difficulties…

    "Sorry… i'm a bit of minded. I even forgot to get breakfast…" Roxas awkwardly smiled and rubbed the back of his head. "The name is Roxas, what's yours?" Roxas asked the boy with the red Entei dorm jacket. Roxas was from the Suicune dorm so he was wearing a blue jacket.

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