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Seems we're all rather busy. Similarly to you lot, this week is going to be rather busy for me, but I'm sure I can squeeze in a few posts here and there. I have a day off today, so I think now would be the right time to make my second character.

Side: Silver Tribe
Name: Hydrulon "Hydra" Rex IV
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Title: Devastator
Pokemon Species: Hydreigon

Appearance: Like all Hydreigonist royalty, Hydra's most defining feature is his metal head. As soon as a Hydreigonist prince evolves to his final form, it is tradition to cut off his right head and replace it with a machine version of it, in honor of the great Hydra the first, who lost his right head in battle and replaced it with a more primitive design of the automated head. The metal head comes fully equipped with a devastating Flamethrower attack, and the ability to Crunch along with the other two heads. Unlike a normal Hydreigon head, however, Hydra's metal head is connected to the main head's brain with a very powerful psychic link, allowing him to control it as if it was an arm. The head is made out of the steel from dead Steelix, and is powered by the electricity from a Thunderbolt attack. The metal head defines Hydra as a member of the Hydreigonist royal family, along with his name.

Other than the metal head, Hydra sports a rather unique coloration, unlike any seen on a Hydreigon since the times of Hydra the first. The fourth member of the royal family has a deep, dark green color where there should be dark blue, and his skin is as rough as that of a Sharpedo's. The scales that run down his body and tail are a menacing dark purple instead of the normal fuchsia color, as are the tufts upon his two biological heads. Hydra's six, thin wings are bigger than that of the average Hydreigon, and more powerful, allowing Hydra to fly very fast. His red pupils shine with hatred for anything that would dare to threaten the rule of the Hydreigonists.

Personality: Any compassion or kindness that may have once existed within Hydra IV was beaten out of him long ago. Hydra is a prideful Pokemon, he treasures the honor of the Hydreigonist royal family above anything else, and will kill anyone who dares to dishonor them. He is hate-filled, and most of his hate, like that of other Hydreigonists, is aimed at the Gold Tribe, for destroying Hydra the first over a hundred years ago. The Gold Tribe is the sworn enemy of the Hydreigonist cult, even though they themselves were not fully aware of it. Hydra is brutal, very brutal. While he has learned the ways of the deceitful, his main instincts have always been those of brute force. Hydra trains himself every day, in his quest to become strong enough to destroy what is left of the Gold Tribe.

Hydra's brute strength goes hand in hand with his deceitful and cruel nature. While he does prefer not to display his cruelty until the time of need, when he does, it is beyond evil. Hydra, through years and years of training and studying, has learned how to manipulate the emotions of other Pokemon to such an extent that he could even get them to commit suicide. This skill has been branded as an art in the cult of the Hydreigonists, and the technical term that they use for it is 'Heartbending.' Hydra, like all members of the royal family, must learn to master the art of Heartbending completely and entirely. Heartbending can be used for both positive and negative purposes, although Hydra must keep in mind that some have a tougher emotional resistance than others. Therefore, for the more difficult people to Heartbend, Hydra discovers what is most dear to the Pokemon, finds their most primal beliefs and desires, and then uses this against them. The art of Heartbending is such a subtle form of cruelty that most would not recognize it until it is too late, and it is Hydra's favorite method of operation.

History: Hydra was born as the prince and heir to the throne of the Hydreigonist cult, a semi-secret organization based in far off uninhabited mountain region. The Hydreigonist cult was first founded by Hydrulon Rex the first, or Hydra over a hundred years ago after he was defeated by the Gold Tribe. Over the years, the Hydreigonists managed to slip their way into the various governments of the cities in Valkaria, and gained influence over a great number of cities. Think of them as a sort of mafia, if you will. Their deceitful and cunning nature led them to be one of the most infamous criminal organizations in the history of Valkaria, and they were never truly apprehended because they were based outside of Valkaria itself, where the Pokemon of the land never typically ventured.

The Hydreigonist royal family were always direct descendants of the great Hydra I himself, and were always Hydreigon themselves, even though most of their minions were not. This fact caused Hydreigon all over Valkaria to become suspicious, and sometimes even arrested and condemned by the Gold Tribe. As a result, the species fled to the more remote areas of Valkaria, where they were left in peace and formed colonies. On several occasions, the royal family would attempt to recruit some of these Hydreigon into the cult, and most of the Hydreigonist kings would find a mate here. That was how Hydra IV came into being. His father, Hydra III, found his soul mate in one of these colonies. Hydra's mother was a female of both passion and hatred, so naturally, the two attracted like Magnemite. Hydra's parents saw the little Deino's odd coloration as a sign that he was to be special, and even better than any other king before him. All his childhood, teenage, and some of his adult life, Hydra IV was trained to become an elite killer, and was taught techniques combining both ancient Hydreigonist fighting skills and methods adopted from the Hydreigonists' most hated enemy: the Gold Tribe.

The Hydreigonists had hated the Gold Tribe since the dawn of their existence, and, with their sly methods and manipulative methods of control, planned to bring down the Gold Tribe as best they could. They'd been biding their time for over a hundred years, but no longer. Hydra IV, expected to be king after Hydra III died, was trained to battle just like his enemy, to think like his enemy, in order to defeat them. He was also taught the art of Heartbending, which he would later use to destroy the lives of many. Blood lust compelled Hydra IV to take part in many battles against the Gold Tribe, wherever they might pop up. He would always take the side of the opposition, and kill as many of the tribe as he could. On most occasions, he would mostly stay for the first hour of the fight, and then disappear, as if into thin air. Due to his appearance at almost every battle involving the Gold Tribe, he became somewhat of an urban legend among them. Nobody knew his true intentions or his origin, and some of the more superstitious types claimed that he was a ghost of some kind, due to his odd coloration.

Then came the war. The appearance of the Silver Tribe and the Ancients was very convenient for the Hydreigonist cult, since it was the perfect opportunity for domination. The attack on Valkaria may have come as a surprise, but it was premeditated. Prior to the invasion, Hydra III made a deal with Auron, leader of the Silver Tribe, made a deal: in return for partial rule over the cities which they already held, untold riches, and the eradication of the Gold Tribe, the Hydreigonists would use their influential prowess to allow easier domination of the cities which they already held. The Hydreigonist units in the government of cities such as Shine and Gravel City were mobilized, and did everything they could to ensure defenses would be at their lowest when the attack struck.

The deal was a success, and the invasion began. The battle for domination was long and arduous, but eventually, the Silver Tribe won and all but destroyed the Gold Tribe, at the request of the Hydreigonists. After the initial conquering, the Hydreigonists stayed low for two years and let everything settle before they showed themselves once more. Auron, however, demanded further confirmation that the Hydreigonists were on the side of the Silver Tribe, since the Gold Tribe had resurfaced and already overtaken several cities which the Hydreigonists were supposed to partially control. As a result, Hydra IV, the cult's best operative, was sent to work for Auron, and was made a Sentinel. Seeing it as a new opportunity to bash some Gold Tribe skulls, Hydra quickly accepted the mission, and began his plans to destroy his oldest enemies once and for all.

Moveset: Crunch, Outrage, Flamethrower, Fly, DragonBreath, Draco Meteor

Looks like Hydra IV is just in time for the battle of Cape. I've decided to make him unique from other Sentinels, since I do love to be a minority.
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