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If you could remove one legendary Pokemon from the Pokedex, which would you remove and why?

Going along with the stream, I'm gonna say Phione and Heatran. While I like both Pokemon, neither of them really fit into the legendary category. Heatran may have the looks and all, but it just never really felt like a legendary. I think, if it had to be part of some kind of category, pseudo-legendary would fit it better. I don't know if its stats even match those, but otherwise, it just doesn't really fit in anywhere.

Phione I feel the same about, however it should've just been a regular Pokemon, even more fitting as a baby Pokemon. Manaphy doesn't really fit in as a legendary either, and I don't see why either of them are even considered one. Neither of them have the design, strength, background or whatever to really make them seem like legendaries, yet they're still considered to be so. Perhaps it's because the only way to get them is by getting Manaphy through an event, and then breeding it to get a Phione, however that just makes them special cases, not really anything that should really link them to legendaries.

So, if I were to remove one legendary from the Pokedex, I'd say Manaphy, since I guess that'd remove Phione as well, and I just think both of those are the least fitting legendaries.
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