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    "Alright, stupid king Kaiba, I actually have a plan to move this battle into our favor. It seems that physical attacks have no effect on his body. With that being said, it's time I used one of my special attacks to turn the tide of this battle." "What brilliant thinking. I wouldn't expect less from my loyal subject." "Cut that crap! We need to strike him before he erupts and nearly kills us again. In order for me to get a good shot, I'm going to need you to lure his anger and attention towards you. This guy is a champion level Digimon and because of that I don't expect him to be prepared for any attacks we throw at him. That's why I need you to keep him completely focused on you. Is that something your majesty can handle?" Kaiba simply patted Draco on the head. "As I told you earlier, I am a king that will always fight alongside his loyal subjects on the battlefield. If that means following some orders every now and then, that's fine with me. Just always remember who wears the crown in this relationship, servant." Draco simply smirked back at Kaiba. "Enough talk...come back alive after 5 minutes of holding his attention. Also don't get hit by my attack or you will possibly die with him. Understood?" Kabia lifts his head off of Draco's head and dashes towards Dinohumon again. "You pieces of trash have been a pain in my ass for quite too long. I'll chop you all to..." Before he could finish, Kaiba launched a missile drop kick into Dinohumon's mouth. "Learn your place, peasant." Kaiba lifted his leg and delivered a heel drop to the shoulder of Dinohumon, which disarmed him of one of his knives. "Damn you, scum!!! Now die! Lizard Dance!" With his other knives, Dinohumon attacked with a series of quick and powerful slices from the smaller knives. Kaiba was only able to duck and weave in hopes of not being sliced to pieces. He was struck with actual fear as Dinohumon continued to twirl around the battlefield like a hurricane of metal and death. With each slice getting closer and closer to slicing Kaiba in shreds. Dinohumon eventually stopped his attack, but at that point, Kaiba had multiple cuts and slices over his body. His outfit and face were dripping with blood. However, Kaiba still stood up and laughed at the Dinohumon. "Even a peasant's temper tantrum can't keep the great King Kaiba down. Now prepare for my..." But before Kaiba could finish he lost the strength in his legs and fell onto his back. Dinohumon chuckled at the fallen King. "Guess trash can only speak trash language and can't back it up. Bwah ha ha ha! Let me end your miserable life." Just as Dinohumon was moving closer he noticed Draco in the background aiming at him. "That stupid king actually is good for something afterall. Now here feel my wrath!!! Metal Cannon!" Draco proceeded to fires an iron sphere from his mouth towards Dinohumon's lifted arm about to strike down Kaiba. The sphere destroyed and ripped off Dinohumon's arm completely. "Guess that loyal subject is good for something afterall." Kaiba laughed as he rose to his feet. Dinohumon simply screamed in anger. "Looks like you've been disarmed, loud mouth Champion. If you lost your arm to 'trash' what does that make you?" Draco said mocking the champion digimon. "Hey stupid king, leave the rest of the battle to me and rest on those stairs. You don't to die to any digimon's claws but mine." Kaiba nodded to Draco and patted him on the head. "A king like myself shall never leave his subject to fight alone. If I am to die on the battlefield with honor then that is the death I shall take part in!" Kaiba and Draco prepared for yet another attack from the now one-armed Dinohumon.
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