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    Kyle Haden

    Kyle stared out into the ocean. The sun was starting to set.

    "Another day is coming to an end, but a new adventure awaits." Kyle said excitedly.

    Moments later a Pokemon came out of Kyle's shadow. It was his Haunter, Ches.

    "So Ches, you ready for this new adventure?"

    The Haunter grinned and nodded in confirmation. Kyle wondered what kind of trainers were at the academy. Were they weak, strong, or maybe prospective gym leaders like himself? He was quivering in anticipation when a crew member came up to him and said.

    "We will be arriving shortly. Gather your belongings and be prepared to go."

    The crew member wasn't joking, it took about fifteen minutes for them to arrive to the Island. Once he got off the boat he could see a man holding some colored jackets. He walked up to the man and he received his Entei dorm Jacket. He spread the jacket open and stared at it in awe.

    "It's finally starting."
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