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    Calvin Bastion

    Calvin sat in his chair pulled up to a table with his hand under his chin holding his head up just staring in a blank state straight at the wall. All he could think of is why is he going here? How could his parents do this to him? He was already doing great in his own adventure. He had never lost a single battle either on his adventure. All this thought just bringing pain to Calvin's head where his head just drops like dead weight to the table creating a loud thumping noise. With all this thought bringing pain to Calvin's head he heads towards his door and leaves his room. Calvin heads towards the deck of the ship to get some fresh air. Once Calvin opens the door he breaths in the fresh air, and takes a look around the deck to see everybody else all seem so happy running around and playing. Just before Calvin sees everybody he notices a certain boy. A boy who's most obvious feature was his over ear headphones. This boy also seemed to have a Haunter next to him. For some reason Calvin mostly noticed this boy whom he's never met, or seen before. With Calvin not wanting to think of it anymore he heads to the front of the boat at the bow. He looks over the boat to see the city closing in. They get closer and closer until the boat becomes stationary. Calvin then slowly walks to the gangplank where he sees all the other kids getting off. He looks around to see some man holding jackets. Calvin walks up to the man to receive his Entei Dorm jacket. Calvin throws the jacket over his shoulder, and walks off. As he threw his jacket over his shoulder Calvin seemed to bump into another student. Calvin though didn't seem to care to look back as he walked on.
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