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In the fire...

A little Caterpie sat on the stake of a fence. Behind him, Mr. Pokemon tended studiously to continuous crops. The little creature watched this and sighed. He wasn’t supposed to be here. He was supposed to be with Ange. He was supposed to be a Metapod by now.

Why wasn’t he there? Because of his dumb stomach.

He should have ignored it. He should have gone back when Ange said so or before she said so. Then he wouldn’t be here. Ugh... Bad stomach. BAD!

So he sat there and waited for Ange, like she said to. Or like that pink girl said to. She would come back, she said she would. But... why? It wasn’t safe too. Even he could smell a fire from here, and it was getting pretty bad. What if she got caught in it? What if... what if that dumb jello blob couldn’t protect Ange. Ooh....

The very thought burned him up. Kii bounded to the ground and scuttled away towards the fire. He wasn’t entirely sure how well he would do in it.

However, he would have to try and brave it! For Ange~!


Meanwhile, that little girl was feeling her way into a cave. It was nice and cool in here, something Sia was relieved about. He watched his trainer, who still had her eyes peacefully closed. He wondered why she had chosen that. Was her world a place where people didn’t need eyes? It was such a strange thing. Ange paid this no mind, tilting her head to the right in puzzlement. She could hear a lot of noises: wings, a loud thudding somewhere up ahead. She wasn’t sure she wanted to know.

Then Sia let out a gurgle and despite herself, Ange reopened her eyes. It was dark, which didn’t bother her, but evidently Sia could see something. That something was probably not good. “...Where are we going?” she asked in curiosity. Sia only gurgled, shaking where he floated.

Any other trainer would have been rather horrified or curious and peeked their head over. Not Ange. Even if she had caught a glimpse of the Registeel, she probably would only be confused or rather disturbed by the size of the beast. Monster. Whichever. In any case, Sia did not really want his trainer knowing and, without permission, floated her closer to the entrance of the cave. Then he went to see what was going on. Though what was going on was a Registeel attacking some poor child. Well, that would not do. He released a wave of Psychic energy, hoping to distract the large creature.

Ange was quite confused. Why would Sia do that?
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."