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Gwen Deallus - Cafeteria

After a few minutes of walking; Gwen, Mark and Iny all entered the cafeteria together. Gwen found that the cafeteria was far more busy than she had previously witnessed, with most of the tables partially if not entirely occupied by students. There was a small line of students waiting for food and another huddle of students around a noticeboard.

"I guess that would be the class lists. I'm going to grab some breakfast first though." Gwen said to both Iny and Mark.

She joined the students who were waiting for food, and waited patiently whilst the queue of students periodically shuffled forwards. Eventually Gwen found herself facing a serving window where a woman in a white apron held a ladle and looked at her expectantly. After being served as much food as Gwen felt it polite to ask, [she could have eaten far more] she waited for the other two to get their food, and they found a table to sit at.
Gwen ate mostly in silence, but contributed to the conversation where she felt she could add anything of worth. The food was good and certainly better than her fathers food which was simplistic or her own prowess at managing to burn even the simplest of dishes. After clearing her plate in remarkable fashion for one as skinny and short as herself, she excused herself from Mark and Iny's company, and walked over the the noticeboard.
As she approached, Gwen realized that her height would allow her to see nothing of the noticeboard over the other students and so she simply waited for them to dissipate. A group split off and left together, leaving gwen able to read clearly. It took her a few minutes to scan through the list, but she eventually gathered that she was expected in 'Eggs & breeding 101' and 'Trainer fitness & basic knowledge'.

Sitting back down at the table with Mark and Iny, Gwen informed them of her classes.

"Sucks. I'm not in either of your classes by the looks of it, I got eggs and breeding, and then trainer fitness. I guess I'll have just have to put up with it though, ah well."

Once the three of them had finished breakfast, Gwen headed off to find her first class; and wondered what her first teacher; 'Lexi Styles' would be like.

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