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Hilda - Vigilantism and Community Service
Hilda finally seemed finished and turned to find that there were more students than she'd realized! At least some of them must have snuck in while she was distracted, which was... frankly understandable. She hadn't really been paying attention. She gave the children present a quick look around, her eyes passing over Dez and Alex ever so briefly as she did a quiet headcount after which a smile creeped into her expression as if she were amused by something.

"...Well, I think we're about ready to start!" she said in a casual tone. "My name's Hilda--I'm the teacher." she clarified, and perhaps some of the students that were present hadn't realized such. She was rather young for a teacher all things said. "As you all probably know, there's been some serious criminal activity going down on the island. Basically? We're going to go out there and learn through some real world experience." Hilda continued in a rather enthusiastic manner, hesitating a moment before turning back to her pack. "This is a dangerous class--Don't think that just because it's endorsed by Professor Oak himself that this is somehow completely safe. The truth is that sometimes in the real world things get dangerous, and experience might be the only thing that protects you one day." she went on in a grave tone. "That being said, I've got /one/ question for you all. Give me a show of hands." the shorts-sporting woman said, propping herself up onto her desk again.

"We've got two options. We can either hunt these Rockets, or...--There's a girl we suspect to be hiding in the Dead Forest. Local Authorities have all but given up trying to find her. If we don't do something about the girl, people and pokemon are going to get hurt. On the other hand, there's no telling what Team Rocket might be up to." she offered in an observant tone. "...So... how many of you would rather hunt Rockets?~" she asked in a mildly amused tone. As the various children began raising their hands, it would seem that the dead forest was winning the vote, just barely. It would a pretty one-sided vote for the rockets from the remaining students to turn the vote over.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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