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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 2: today is the day.

    Nami took a few bites from her pancakes, only to notice a strange after taste and immediately stopped eating. She wasn't picky when it came to food but she didn't trust this taste, maybe the milk for the pancakes was over date? Nami's thoughts drifted off as she thought of Takumi. She only meet him two days ago and already developed a crush on him. The intimate moment of yesterday made her unintentionally smile and create a blush on her cheeks. But the thought of a Vampire liking a plain human bugged her.

    Ofcourse Takumi wouldn't feel the same way about her, especially because of what she did to him yesterday. He was so close yet so far away. It saddened her a little just thinking about these things. She didn't even notice that she was eating these weird flavored pancakes again. She just stared straight forward her as the last sad thought made it's way into her mind. What if Takumi had a girlfriend back in the human world…?

    Nami got interupted when she suddenly heard someone greeting her and sat down next to her. It was the boy she had been thinking off the last few minutes, Takumi. His next words made her heart beat faster as the blush reappeared on her cheeks.

    "Glad I could see you again."

    Nami smiled slightly and greeted him back. "H-Hi Takumi." she saw how he placed his plate next to hers. The next few minutes were quiet because she remembered she was in her casual clothes but decided to break the ice. "I'm sorry for that incident yesterday, I didn't mean to drink your blood." She apologized for her deeds. She was a Vampire afterall and had her satisfies, which in this case was blood. Though, drinking his blood wasn't really what she was planning to do.

    "I will try to supress my satisfies next time." Nami gently smiled at him.

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