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    Shawn Williams - Raikou Dorm - outside classroom

    Shawn simply smiled from Kiki's hug. She was so excited to see Cynder get stronger. "She definitely is," he stated, "Why, I wouldn't be sursrised to see her evolve sometime real soon." It was a wonderous thing, watching her be this involved with training her pokemon. It made him feel like he needed to do some more training himself, but didn't know for sure how to bring out the best in them all. Maybe this class is what he needed to learn just that. His eyes wandered to Kiki and different thoughts floated in his head. She was strikingly gorgeous. The way the light shone on her hair and face, her cheerfulness and all struck him oddly, but wonderfully to him. He thought back to their battle and when he kissed her. Does she think about that? Or did she simply shrug it off like no big deal?

    Feeling a little let-down, not to mention weak from standing up so much, Shawn tried to recline a little, letting his head rest against the wall and closed his eyes.

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