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    Hey guys. This is something that I have been hoping they would make and would love to see, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. This morning, I had a bit of an epiphany and just started typing. This is what I've come up with so far. It's very basic as of now and I haven't thought about many of the intricacies of the mechanics/storyline.

    Also, if anybody knows how we can find a way to pitch this to GameFreak and Nintendo, it would be really cool to get the idea rolling and have a part in the creation of a great new style of Pokemon game. Here are my notes:

    Pokemon RPG: The 100+ hour PokeRPG everyone has been waiting for.

    Basic Premise: Team Rocket out to destroy the world. Have gained power of region, and your job is to bring down the tyranny of Giovanni to create peace in the region.
    * Based of pokemon idea of post-apocolyptic land, in which Giovanni has run the region into the ground.
    - Final Boss: Giovanni
    - Bosses: Silver, Gary, Ariana, etc.

    Main Character: Teenage orphan, late teens (none of that ten year old BS)
    - Stumbles upon starter pokemon: weak, on the verge of death. Restores to health, and decides to use to take on Gyms in order to escape the slums (possibly a decision influenced by an older trainer) <-- similar to an Obi Wan (STAR WARS), Auron (FFX) type character (mentor and overlooker throughout the game! Continue to follow you, providing insight, hints, tips and rare items throughout the storyline)

    Expansive NEW region: All previous regions based on cities, provinces and countries. PErhaps base this on an entire continent (Europe, perhaps because of small yet heavily diverse in terms of climate, elevation, land mass, aquatic characteristics etc.)

    8 Gyms/Pokemon League: Serve as first portion/introductory phase of game (20 hours, give or take)
    - allow you to become introduced/reintroduced to the game
    - provide some sort of anchor for returning pokemon trainers
    - allow you to build a stable team to enter the main portion of the game
    - allow you to gain familiarity with the new ideas and functions of the game.
    - create relationships with Team Rocket, and allow for some knowledge of the current condition of the pokemon world to come to light.
    - GYM LOCATIONS: London, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, etc.
    ESSENTIALLY: This is to set the stage for the larger portion of the game, destroying team rocket.
    - Upon defeating the Pokemon League, the current champion will ask your help in destroying Team Rocket kinda thing.
    ** Chance for your trainer to prove your worth!

    Legendaries: Not so much spirits, but, similar to FF series, in which they are summonable entities to help in tight squeezes.
    - incoroprate all legendaries (47) as obtainable (as part of the story, or in sidequest missions)
    - make certain legendaries part of storyline, certain legendaries as sidequests, and others secretly obtainable
    - NOT SURE ABOUT: make the legendaries integral in the functionality of the planet part of story, as well as a Mew/Mewtwo plotline. (Kyogre, Groudon, Celebi, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Arceus, etc.)

    Unique Level/Move Learning System: HAVEN'T thought about this much yet.

    TM Sidequests:
    TM's not available until after the Pokemon League:
    - Stronger moves not available due to level up or any other way obtainable in first portion of game
    - List of sidequest missions resulting in the discovery of TM's (durable/multiple uses)
    - Possible inclusion of stronger sidequest bosses --> outlaws/significan characters from previous games that have been bainshed by the reign of team rocket.
    - Professors Oak/Elm/Juniper/Rowan/Birch, Bill, Red, Previous Gym Leaders, Previous Champions (Lance, Cynthia, Steven Stone, Iris, Alder, etc.)
    - For retired/banished trainers, TM matches the typing of their monsters (ie. Lance=Dragon Claw, Sabrina=Psychic, etc.)


    Feel Free to provide any feedback, comments, suggestions, criticism, whatever! Just wanna get ideas bouncing and find a way to maybe get the ball rolling and make this a reality
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