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Okay, I might be wrong with what I'm saying here because I haven't played DR really at all, and so have little idea on what this hack's story is about.

But I still think this is something to be taken in consideration.
First of all, I do like Kingdom Hearts and Sora being a special character in this hack is a cool idea. But idea itself is not enough.

Why is Sora part of the game? Why does he instantly train pokemon and why would the main character challenge him to a pokemon battle?
These kind of things, they just won't work unless they're explained properly and have some backstory behind them, especially the first one.

Yeah, I tend to give a lot of critique. And it's true that my own inventions aren't carefully thought either.

But why not make it instead so that either Sora has for some reason come to this world, or as a sidequest, the main character is able to go to another world where Sora at the time happens to be. Instead of Sora training pokemon, he could still be taking out the bad guys and saving the worlds, and you would actually assist him in a sidequest of some kind. That way, he would have a role in the game but more than that, a role that would make sense.

Everything in game development is built on planning. Without the planning, there is no game. That's simply how it is.

Other than that, I think this hack looks pretty cool and I really like the new music by "JillandSandwich" (or whatever that person's nickname here is) what I've heard, haven't really checked more than a couple of tracks really but they sound awesome.
But I hope you take this into consideration.

If Sora plays no specific role in the game, having him as a random NPC somewhere will totally not be worth it.
But, if he's going to be in the game, let him have a role he deserves, and what describes him!
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