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As jim42 said, if you're evening, then you can either use the standard choices event command or /ch for more than 4 options.

If you're scripting, then you can probably use this:

command=Kernel.pbMessage(_INTL("Make your choice."),[_INTL("Option 1"),_INTL("Option 2"),_INTL("Option 3")],0)
Choosing Option 1 returns the number 0, Option 2 returns the number 1, etc.

The red number is the "choice if cancelled" value (default 0 which means can't cancel). -1 means it will return -1 if cancelled, 1 means it will return 0 ("Option 1"), 2 means it will return 1 ("Option 2"), etc.

There are a couple more parameters for Kernel.pbMessage, which are in order: text skin for the message box, and default command (0=Option 1, 1=Option 2, etc.).
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