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1) Frillish 1 vote

2) Slugma 3 votes

3) Latias 4 votes

> Latias

A red and white, rather large pokémon peeks up at you from the water with its yellow eyes.

"Hi!" it says.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" you say and suddenly magically change back into dry-land-clothing again. Eevee growls at the unfamiliar face.

"No, don't be like that!" the Latias says and comes up from the water, hovering in the air but trying to stay out of sight from the other few people on the beach. It's cool though. They are busy surfing or worrying about their tans.

"I need your help!" the legendary continues. "My brother has been kidnapped and I'm... I'm not brave enough to free him alone. I need a pokémon trainer to help me! Please?"

What do you reply?

1) "Of course, lemme hop onto your back and we'll fly away and rescue him in a mo'!"

2) "I will help you, but I need to get stronger and catch more pokémon first!"

3) "Hell no, you just interrupted my morning tan session so if I'mma help you you've gotta do me a major favor first!"


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