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    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    At the Cafeteria.

    Mana happely ate her salmon sandwich and didn't bother to take a look around her. Nor did she notice a girl hoover skating through the Cafeteria. Felicity and Fox finished their meal and layed against each other to keep each other warm. Mana was a little startled when someone suddenly companied her and sat down in front of her.

    "Hello Mana. Did you enjoy Thanksgiving?"

    It was Drake. Mana smiled brightly and took another bite of her salmon sandwich. "I… spend it alone afterall." Mana said with a smile but somehow you could see her sadness in her smile. "I left to my dorm room after I got some food, but it's alright! Felicity and Fox kept me company." Mana glanced at her Espeon and Glaceon who glanced back at her with smiles. Mana's smile seemed more cheerful now and she took another bite of her sandwich.

    "How was your thanksgiving?" Mana asked him once she finished her beloved sandwich. She was still a little worried about team rocket. What if they attacked the academy again? Then chaos will surely break out. Every student must've seen the news this morning so everyone would know team rocket infiltrated this academy. But why? Why would they be interested in this academy or the students attending it? So many questions… and none will be answered.

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