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Originally Posted by Dragonmage View Post
The ONLY shiny pokemon I've ever seen in the wild is a Ralts. Do you want to know where? It was the one Wally caught in Emerald. -_- You heard me. I had to fight a shiny Gardevoir the rest of the game. I wanted to cry when I saw that thing.

Just for the record, I challenge anyone to come up with anything worse than what happened to me. Hahahaha.
Yeah, I doubt there's much that can top what happened to you. That sucks, dude.

As for me, I was fishing in my sister's LeafGreen out in Cerulean City when I randomly came across a golden Magikarp. Her Pokémon were too strong to attack it so I had to resort to using the little Pokéballs she had left in her bag. It was probably the most stubborn Magikarp I came across, because not for anything would it just stay in the darn Pokéball. Suffice to say, I never managed to catch it.
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