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    Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
    Is there a fix to the bug where if you go to another screen (most menus in the bag, battles, etc.) and then return to the map the palette reverts to one of the original palettes?
    As long as the hero palette is located in the first slot (slot 0), and no other palette overwrites that slot, that should never happen.

    In your hex editor, this number is what palette slot the palette takes up.

    FF FF 04 11 FF 11 00 02 20 00 20 00 13 02 00 00 18 37 3A 08 F0 37 3A 08 68 33 3A 08 00 28 90 08 FC 1C 23 08

    In that case, it takes up slot number 4 (since 0 is one, etc...).
    To make sure it's taking up the right palette, in VBA check: Tools>Palette Viewer.
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