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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    don't have to worry about Sora's part in the hack being unworthy. It will be even better than Yugi's part in DR1 and very well written. I got this! ^.^ (But I cant reveal as to why he's in the world. Not on the thread. Play and find out.)
    Okay, cool!
    I think I eventually will although I'm not much into playing hacks myself, I like the programming part mostly and making ones of my own.

    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Also, I advise you to play through and complete Dark Rising 1(Or you can watch one of the many Let's Plays on Youtube). Try to ignore the few bugs here and there, and you'll enjoy it and see how amazing the story is. That's what the series is all about; the amazing story. It's kinda needed to play through the first one to know what's going on and how the characters all meet and their individual goals/triumphs/and different personalities.
    I think Dark Rising 1 should really be done better. Even if it's "finished", there are errors everywhere. I played through the beginning of it earlier and just didn't like it...
    The way you were forced to battle the lady in the school (who I lost to like 5 times in a row), the way you're given advice in a battle you can't win (Tornadus battle). Both of these could be easily fixed with a little bit of additional scripting although the second one would require knowing the basics of ARM/THUMB assembly but it's not hard.

    Even though it's a finished game, I think you should consider making it better. It might take some time, but would be totally worth it. Especially if you want people to play DR before this one. And make the hack easier while at it, bush grinding just ain't fun.

    But I'll think about it. Maybe I'll try to play it sometime later as well but the beginning was just something that didn't motivate to continue at all. :\
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