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    Originally Posted by deathbymanga View Post
    Personally, i'm a bit between this. When I plasyed Pokemon Ruby, I was astounded at the possibilities of the new capabilities of the stuff. I could play for hours with the Acro Bike, DIVE underwater (Which tok away from the 2D feel of the Ocean for once. The time components were still a little clunky from Gold/silver, such as Berry growth and the tides, but the weather attribute was a nice addition to the playing and strategy to games. Kekleon was awesome trying to find as many as i could. The entire game was nothing but improvements aside from the clock.

    And I LOVED the journal entry addition to FR/LG. Plus the Sevii Islands made it feel like I was cheating a little and getting to go to the Orange Islands.

    Then Came Diamond/Pearl, which astounded me with its new 2.5 dimension feel. The clock was finally fixed, using the clock of the DS, which kept in check even when the thing was off, which was a problem back in the gameboy/GBA days. But other than a boost in creative art style, nothing major, They even removed Dive, so the boost directional movement was gone. They didn't even have whirlpools, which were cute in Gold/Silver.

    Though they did bring back both Whirlpools and Dive in HG/SS. plus they added the Following Pokemon thing from yellow, which was nice. And they gave us the carrying pot for the nuts. I was on the fence on those, as the new clock would make it easy to check with the new nuts, but instead they let us keep the nuts on us as well.

    Then came Black and White, which is so young that I feel guilty talking about it. I didn't see anything new about it other than the 2.75D. We still don't have 3D yet and we won't really until we get 1st person of just over the character 3rd person perspective in these games. I don't remember anything new.
    Wrong, BW has the best storyline, the music, the characters, the evil team were very involved,
    unlike other games were you have to defeat the champion to end the storyline, the Team
    rules the Pokemon league, what I'm trying to say is every generation is unique,
    I like every generation, if anyone doesn't is not a real Pokemon fan.

    Also don't forget the World tournament in B2W2
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