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Love the episode so far, I really got into the story back at the volcano xD
Still not done with it though, this is only my second day playing. I had to go and train up some Pokemon because all the ones I already had were lvl 46+
Really need to find a strategy for Aya, I underestimated the power posion types again. Where's Earthquake when i need it?? >_<" lol

New additions to my team:
KingKrab(Kingler) lvl 43 [faints too easily against Nidoqueen's Earth Power, but useful]
Punk(Scrafty) lvl 44 [his Crunch saved me so many times, usually the last to faint]
Flame(Magmar) lvl 42 [weak on occasion, used as staller, Confuse Ray + Smokescreen]
Toxin(Toxicroak) lvl 43 [no useful attacks for this gym >.<]
Charge(Magneton) lvl 43 [beast at this gym if I can avoid Gengar, Nidoqueen, and Seviper]
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