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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Marill has never been the Gen 2 mascot; it was always Pichu. If Marill really was the Gen 2 mascot, then it wouldn't have been included in other regional dexes past Gen 2 (Plusle Minun never appeared in Sinnoh's dex, and Pachirisu never appeared in BW2's Unova dex neither).
Marill was the Gen 2 Pikachu clone. Them being available in the next series has little to do with it as well. Marill was owned by a Main Character (at some point all of the clones were owned by a Main character or were part of their story).

Pichu isn't a clone. Its the pre-evolution to Pikachu therefore is not a clone of Pikachu.

As for 6th Generation's Pikachu Clone....I kinda hope for a Grass type. While we are on the topic of clones, I wonder what the new regional rodent will be based off of, and what the regional bird will be.