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I was waiting for this question as soon as I realised I never gave much of a description.

Limbo itself is a realm like the one that Earth resides in. It has a sky, it has a day/night cycle and it even has seasons. In Limbo lies the nameless planet of the Reapers in which there are cities dedicated to the reapers of each realm and within those cities there is a "suburb" of sorts where the Reapers of a certain planet reside. The planet itself is rather barren with no grass, only dirt, and very few trees but it is usually at a pleasant temperature.

The cities are made primarily of marble (or similar) buildings and simple cobbled streets. The centre of each city has a large base of operations where the administration of the city (a couple of Grims and any ordinary Reapers working directly for them) reside and go about maintaining order amongst Reapers and making sure missions are assigned etc.
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