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    lol my first shiny was a Rattata.* o * After finding nothing to do i was walking to all the places and i randomly just felt like going in the Pokemon Mansion and just exploring I got bored and was gonna go out and few steps later BAM a beutiful girl Rattata!* w* Blonde fur...Blue eyes..I was like OMFG and then didint want it to escape so i threw my Master Ball.- w - Screw Mewto i got my shiny blonde girl Rattata.* w * but kinda hated that i rare candied it to lvl 28 T__T Its in my platinum doing nothing. > _ < probaly should EV train it and show it off in a real battle.> w
    Yayz for Anime Manga and Games!!!> w <
    Also Cake And Sweets!!!:3
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