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Originally Posted by xNirvashx View Post
Hey, I'm having some trouble here. I made it to Kosaka city after crossing the water and all of that, and I went to Sky Tower. It told me I wasn't allowed in, so I figured I'd have to talk to the gym leader. I went to the gym, Lucy exited, and said that she needed to do something at the Sky Tower because of bad men in white. I went back to the tower, and the guard is still sitting there telling me I can't go in. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? I'm playing on GPSphone, and if I can't finish this hack I'm going to be super upset because it's amazing. The last time this happened was on Shiny Gold and I could never finish it past the Aggron you get from the boat wreck.

Anyway, can anybody PLEASE help me?
Yeah, that guard sometimes bugs players... you'd better move him out of entrance by using Advanced Map or just use walk through walls to enter.
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