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Imogen Green - Atlantean Relief Centre, New York, United States of America

October 30th, 2012
"Yes Will, please don't be so hostile. It's not like I want to kidnap or kill you or anything. I think I would have been far more forward and direct if I wanted to do that," she flicked her hair again, batting her eyelids sweetly. "If I wanted to kidnap or kill you, I would have done so already."

"Of course we'd be glad to come with you. Simply by hearing you out we could both learn a few things," Brad replied politely. Imogen was wishing more and more that he was her target now. Brad pushed Will, saying something which Will seemed to comply with. Imogen, visibly pleased, clapped her hands and waved her hand away from the centre.

"We'd better scoot before someone suspects something. We have a few options. We can go back to my car or you boys can show me a nice place here where we can have a private chat," she started to move, walking casually towards the streets and back into the city. "Which do you want? My car's pretty big, but it might really feel I'm kidnapping you." She giggled at her joke, adjusting her glasses again. God, she seemed to have a lot of ticks today. Perhaps it was just because she was nervous or the face she had on today. Oh well. It's not like it was bothering anyone.

Oakley North - Atlantean Relief Centre, London, England

October 31st, 2012
Oakley silently accepted Nathaniel's help, breathing in and out. Her arm still tingled but the slow breathing helped, her arm slowly receding. It was just below her shoulder now and wasn't moving incredibly fast, but as long as it was moving back, it would eventually go back to just her hand. It was hard to put her arm around Nathaniel since she was so short and he was so tall but holding onto someone, especially someone who just promised to keep her safe, made her feel more at ease.

"Good," the strange girl said, not turning back and leading them out into the 'fresh' London air. When they stepped out of the rubble, Oakley looked behind to see what was left of the building. It wasn't much.

"Oh excellent!" a man said loudly from the distance. Oakley squinted, making out a well dressed man standing next to a traditional American taxi cab. As they got closer, she could make out his face. He was well groomed, matching his choice of clothes, with a sleek goatee and short, styled dark hair. He seemed rather pleased to see the four of them leave the building and his smile grew larger as they grew closer. Was he with the strange girl? "I'm glad you are all okay! And look! A friend as well!"

"I've brought them, sir," the girl said plainly. She was a strange contrast to the man.

"Good. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I hope those horrible people didn't hurt you at all. I must say, they sure made a mess of the place," he looked behind them, shrugging at the smouldering mess of the building. "It reminds me of this one time I was in Korea, back in the 1950s an--"

"Sir," the girl interrupted him. Oakley said nothing, rather shocked by the man's forwardness and friendliness. Was he putting it on or was he genuinely glad to see them? Who was he?

"Right, yes, thank you Adeline. My name is the Librarian, but you may call me Henry today. This charming young lady is my assistant and daughter, Adeline. As I have told dear James, I offer sanctuary to lost Atlanteans and right now, everyone seems more lost than ever. Like you, dear Oakley," he looked straight at her, who breathed in sharply, widened her eyes and shook her head quickly.

"Um, no, I--"

"Here, let me help you there," he stepped over to her, pulling her off Nathaniel's shoulder. Oakley felt as if she should be nervous, but as soon as the Librarian held her, she calmed. She wasn't sure how, but he made her feel safe. He smiled and tapped the gem that had formed in centre of the armour of the right arm. The armour receded immediately, disappearing completely off her arm as if she was a normal human being. "Does that feel better now?"

"Th-thank you," she rubbed her right arm. It was unbelievable to see her entire arm for the first time in a few weeks.

"Now, what is your name?"

"Um... Oakley North."

"What a beautiful name. It suits you very much," he swooned, his smile only making her feel more warm on the inside. With a nod to Oakley, he left her attention and turned to Nathaniel. "And yours, Mr. Calaway? What's your name?"
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