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Okay hun, you have absolutely no idea how accurate this comic is. I have to give you my two cents here because I'm like stupid into skill toys like yoyos and rubik's cubes, so let me give you a run down.

You can basically spend your entire life trying to reorganize and reassemble a cube, regardless of it's size, because there's literally an infinite number of turns you can make. But, there's a specific algorithm you can perform (depending on what color squares are present at each respective corner) that allow you to solve a rubik's cube in under a certain amount of turns. So yeah! It's really hard! But you probably already knew all of that going into this drawing, but I just felt like I had to detail it out because that comic pretty much describes my daily routine. xDD

So now, let me give you my two cents about your art. n_n; Once again, everything is stunning. Your still images, although vastly more polished than your comics, are perfectly proportioned and your whimsical-ness is deliberate. Once more, everything is beautiful. Although, maybe it's just me.. but Ariel's hand looks a little big in relation to her face? To be honest though, I think there's more of your artistic skills apparent in your comics rather than your stills. I mean, your comics read really well. They're easy to follow and keep a solid flow from panel to panel. Your good at different dialog stances, and I don't find it difficult at all to keep my eye interested on the subject. So.. I don't know if you've just read a lot of comics/mangas, but you have a natural talent for organization! :D

I guess what I'm trying to say.. is that I see more of you and your skill in your perpetual works. Not to say that your stills aren't freaking incredible.

edit : I spent a few minutes looking at the piece and her hand really isn't off. There was something about it that was irking me... but now I think it was just me. xD