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    So, since I've seen a lot of people using the VBA emulator to play any kinds of old school pokèmon games, I've decided to make a guide on how to obtain the best quality and performance from it.

    1 - So first of all we'll look through "Options" in the VBA emulator.
    - The first thing you wanna look for is the "Video" options; I suggest setting the screen size to 2 x 2, it is a good resolution for the game texture and also works for older PC's.

    - The second thing would be the "Sound" option, look down, make sure that the sound is set to 44Khz, this will provide your game a good sound quality, especially if you're using Headphones.

    - The third thing will be the "Gameboy" option, tick the CGB/GBC setting if it isn't already and also tick the "Real Colors" setting.

    -The last step is how to make your game's filtering in HD. It's pretty simple, go under "Options" then move your cursor to the "Fliter" option and look down, you should see the "hq2x" option, tick it, your game's colors will be improved and you will see every single detail of it in HD.

    2 - Fixing the "White screen" problem.
    - In many pokèmon games there will be a chance for you to encounter a white screen when you load the rom, the problem's easly fixed, all you have to do is go under "Options", "Emulator" and then move your cursor over the "Save type" option, choose from 64K to 128K then simply reset your ROM by pressing CTRL + R.

    3 - Low FPS.
    - If you're using an old PC/Laptop the best option is to turn off Vsync and Sound, this will greatly improve your VBA's performance.

    I hope it helped, if there are any questions referring to this topic, just ask.
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