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    Pokemon Pieces Of Destiny
    Post Inicial

    Rom Base: Fire Red
    Language: Spanish

    Creador y General: Foxz.
    Graficos y Sprites: Foxz.
    Tiler: Wessley FG


    The story goes that long ago ... a powerful Pokemon, guardian and protector of the region Daeles, was on the verge of a long break after stopping the constant wars that beset the region, and not leave such unprotected region, decided
    divide his legacy in three powerful pokemon, Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus.
    giving each different duties to protect the mountains Thundurus ordered alongside the pokemon that lived in them, to Tornadus, ocean and avoid the risk that may occur, and Landorus, the central area with all its inhabitants;
    everything was fine, however, had not noticed kyurem few years later, 2 immeasurable power wake Pokémon, Reshiram and Zekrom, thus, more chaotic life confrontation never seen before, it was a terrible struggle that caused tremendous destruction, many tried to avoid it, but each attempt was futile, until a certain Pokemon, radiant light and beauty called Meloetta, using a strange yet pleasant sound; achievement thus sealing the great power of both Pokémon, in two crystals, one of Light and Darkness another, then divide into 4 pieces each crystal. Whether it was the power of both Pokémon, each fragment wanted to find a coach capable of controlling his power, and meet in the temple of Meloetta, to continue the endless war ...

    Currently, in the region of Abyss, everything is very quiet ...
    Desmond is a strong and impulsive boy, and received his 1st Pokémon as a gift from his father participated in the tournament organized by his friends on the shores of the people ..
    -Finally, today is the end, I'm sure to conquer Lyu.
    But .. What time is it?. No, I'm late, I must hurry,
    to the impatience, you go your confrontation, when suddenly, a strong earthquake shook the village .. being unconscious in a strange place ..
    Wake in the ground. You are in a laboratory rather old, but with a technology never seen
    - What happens? Where am I?
    you are going to explore the area until you are presented with a kind of man ...
    Zero-Hi, my name is Herman, I'm an old villager, I have spent years studying this piece and is the first time he reacts this way, apparently you are the only one able to control his power, has been chosen by the light Crystal, from now everything will be different, you have a great mission that can not fail, for the sake of humanity, I leave everything in your hands, and hurry to come for you ...
    -But I. .. - No ent ...
    There's no time! front of you, there are three doors, each with a different destination, in you chosen the correct answer is to carry out your mission, find the other three chosen from light, and end this senseless war .. .

    Here begins your adventure, you must find out what happened before, as putting an end to this war, and how to save all mankind .. Are you ready? ...



    The Red-Ex

    I hope you like it!
    See you later!