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    Calvin Bastion

    Once Chronos came out of his pokeball the battle began with the boy shouting out,

    “Ches, hit him with your Sludge Bomb!”

    The Haunters mouth opened wide as a vile greenish purple bomb of sludge closed in on Chronos. Without hesitation Calvin shouted out,

    “Chronos dodge it.”

    Chronos quickly jumped out of the way of the attack avoiding it, but he only avoided the main attack as once the Sludge Bomb hit the sand it scattered everywhere including on top of Chronos. This attack did more than Calvin anticipated but still with no worry from Calvin as he shouts,

    “Chronos use Dark Pulse.”

    Chronos looked as if it was charging up the attack with its whole body turning black then unleashing a black aura in every direction.
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