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Awesome then. I've already posted his intro.

Now, I feel the need to bring this up. For anyone who's too lazy to read my SU, the Hydreigonists, who I've mentioned in my previous post, are basically the Pokemon version of the mafia. They're a criminal organization founded by Hydrulon "Hydra" Rex in the time of the first Odyssey, after he was defeated by the Gold Tribe. The Hydreigonists, before the war, had infiltrated the governments of various cities around Valkaria, and used their influence to bend many things to their will without anybody knowing. Back then, they were pretty much the biggest threat to the existence of the Gold Tribe, even though the tribe themselves were only half-aware of their existence. The Hydreigonists plotted to bring down the Gold Tribe once and for all, from within their own homes.

Then, Auron and the Silver Tribe came. The Hydreigonists joined forces with the Silver Tribe, because their leader saw a new opportunity for domination. Thanks to the Hydreigonists' influence over various cities in Valkaria, the invasion became all the more easy for the Ancients. The Pokemon mafia was given endless riches in return for their aid, as well as control over certain areas around Valkaria. (Still abiding by the rules of Auron, of course)

Now, since they're allied with the Silver Tribe, all the Sentinels should be familiar with the Hydreigonists and my character's position as their prince. On the other hand, the Hydreigonists are somewhat of a rumor that was spread among the members of the Gold Tribe in the olden days, so most members of the GT should not even know who they are or maybe have some faint recollection of hearing of them at some point.
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