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    I don't know if it means anything in this discussion, but in the French versions, the "Fainted" status was explicitly translated as "Knocked Out".

    Originally Posted by OreoMaster View Post
    What happens to Pokemon in a battle? Do they lose the will to fight or do they get knocked out flat?
    I think it's a bit of both. My theory is: the moment their HP hit zero, they are actually knocked out (which is a sign for the trainer that it's time to withdraw the Pokémon) . Even though they regain consciousness almost instantly, until they are cured they remain in a terrible shape, with little to no strength or will to fight. They remain capable of using CS techniques with the little strength they have left, but are unable to do anything besides that.

    EDIT: basically, the difference between what I think and what ★Hoenn★ described is that I justify the behavior not with the energy contained in a Pokéball, but by comparing a "fainted" Pokémon to a person who got a beating to the point of getting knocked out. Upon waking up, even if there's no permanent consequences from the beating, the person will most likely be woozy, weak, possibly hurting in a lot of places, and not willing to fight again, but able to walk home or call for help if necessary.

    Originally Posted by OreoMaster View Post
    What's HP? Is it the inherent toughness of the Pokemon? Is it the ability to quickly recover from a hit and bounce back? Is it stamina? Is it willpower? Is it the strength to lift yourself from the ground after you got hit?
    Well, it's first and foremost a game mechanic . But in universe, I'd say it is the combination of the two latter options: strength to lift yourself from the ground and willpower.
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