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Dez Castelia
Community Service & Vigilantism

Finally, class started. Dez cast the empty packet of chips aside as he watched the teacher speak up. Far too enthusiastic for his liking, but the bit about danger did catch his attention. Suddenly, he felt himself becoming slightly more enthusiastic himself, as Hilda mentioned the Dead Forest and the young girl. What a treat it would be to meet this mysterious stranger. And, if things couldn't be going his way even more, it seemed that by show of hands, the choice of hunting the girl seemed to be winning. Dez quickly raised his hand, realizing that he hadn't done so before. He was one of the few remaining students who would decide the outcome of the trek. "I vote we hunt the girl," he said. That was probably the first thing he'd said to another person all day. Unlike most others, Dez wasn't afraid of the Dead Forest. It was only a forest, after all. The only difference was that it was subject to silly superstitions and rumors. Even if things went wrong, which they probably wouldn't, if Dez got lost in the forest, he could easily summon the Puppeteer to guide him out. The little Shuppet had been in and out of those woods since he'd first gotten here, so he'd know what to do in such a situation. Still, the thought of the girl intrigued the boy at best. Who was she? What was she up to? The Puppeteer claimed to have seen her at some point, so perhaps he knew where she was. So much mystery, and Dez would find the answers.
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