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    Zephyr - Hive - Plain - Fog
    Storm - Mineral - Glacier - Rising

    Eliza - Vibrava - lv 37
    Baron - Gyarados - lv 38
    Andrew - Sandslash - lv 39
    Ira - Nidorino - lv 38
    Kieran - Gyarados - lv 35
    Edmund - Swinub - lv 35

    Wandered though the Ice Path and got ahold of Edmund after KO-ing like four of his sisters because my party's attack power is ridiculous. Got out, went training. Went back in, came out the other side. Went training. Caught Danny the Phanpy but realized that his movepool was really kinda crap and so swapped him for Kieran the Red Gyarados so my team would be a bit better for move diversity and coverage. Trained. A lot. Because Edmund had to catch up to the rest of the party from lv 22 and Kieran from lv 30.

    Eventually I gave up on that and went after Clair with severely underleveled mostly ground types. Woohoo. Her gym trainers were all stronger than Edmund and Kieran but they took them out pretty easily. I took on Clair and won with clever use of Dragon Rage and MooMoo Milk. I don't usually use items at all but I didn't want to have to go training again so w/e. And then she refused to give me a badge. Rude. So I went and passed the Elder's test and stuck it to Clair. :3 And then went in and out of the building and fRICKIN CAMERON SHOWED UP hahahaha.

    Went to New Bark Town, got told to go see the Kimono Girls in Ecruteak. Trekkin' all over the place for people, aren't I? Ran into Felix. He seemed upset about more than just losing. Went to battle Kimono Girls. Lost three 'mon to that frickin Umbreon, defeated the rest in one or two hits each. Went to catch Ho-oh. Killed Ho-oh. Turned off game and switched to Black.

    Trio - Basic - Insect - Bolt - Quake

    Yana - Pansage - lv 33
    Poppo - Pidgeotto - lv 33
    Fuu - Cottonee - lv 32
    Shizu - Dwebble - lv 32

    Got to a point in Desert Resort where I just went "eh, I've probably hit up all the trainers" and left. Started exploring Nimbasa, ran into N, had no trouble beating him at all. Ran around on Routes 16 & 5 for a while. Evolved Yana. Was sad about it. Turned off the game and kept him as a Pansage. Pretty much defeated Elesa's gym with just Shizu. Beat Cheren. Went to Driftveil, beat Plasma with Cheren. Beat myself Clay with a lot of luck and Fuu using Growth while battling Palpitoad + Giga Drain on Excadrill. Beat Bianca. Got Fly. Went up to Chargestone Cave. Got a lesson from myself Clay and a TM. I guess next time I'll... take on... Skyla... with my team of half grass types. I plan to evolve Shizu and Fuu at level 35 and Poppo will evolve at 36 so that should be helpful. Yana's just gonna have to suck it up I guess. :|

    wow my team's levels are fairly similar and the one has three more badges wow HG just wow

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